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New Year, New Blog, blablabla

Well! I’ve been meaning to do an update blog for a while- so here it is! November was jammed packed with birthdays and NaNoWriMo. I completed NaNoWrimo, and have submitted it to the Accelerated Wrimo program #LetsGoWrimos - was hoping to hear about the results on the 31st of December, however due to the volume of over 3000 entries, us #wrimos have to wait longer. Im hoping its waiting for excellant news, although statistically only ten of the entries will get good news. I am hoping i’m one of the lucky ones. If not for me, for my characters.

Kind of Cheesy, but meh.
In other news, i will be going back to college this semester and the next book is well on its way- i am making large strides every day, and i think it is going to be an excellant “Next Blood” for Game Blood. Then again i also think Game Blood may be pretty damn good. Im either spot on, being my most harsh critic, so thats an option, or im wrong. Either way, its a quirky fun writer thing right?

On the holiday front, had tons of visitors, only some were worth seeing,and more arriving tomorrow before college starts up again. High school starts soon, so coaching will be a much tweeted about thing: Debate has UIL Districts coming up, and i would love to take some to state. The struggle continues to getting interpers allowed to compete, and compete at National Forensics League level, or even Texas Forensics Association, but UIL is something we are working on hard. More updates on that soon, and if the interpers don’t get to compete, keep an eye out for a tumblr or youtube page with their performances- nothing will stop these kids, and i will always do everything i can to help.

Lets see, i think thats about it- I am just WAITING which i hate, for two different schools to start, @Luludotcom to annouce winners, hoping i am one of the ten, and busy preparing the next book and lots of debate stuff for the kids.
I will be judging district 15 2 A UIL Districts Policy debate, so looking forward to that, should be fun to see what some of the smaller schools have come up with.
I’m a sucker for the underdog…Look at me though- Can you blame me for always rooting for the underdog? I LOVE seeing the underdog get to bite back.

So, thats that for now: I am omitting my thoughts on the Doctor Who 50th Episode (AMAZING) And the Christmas Special (time will tell i guess. I’m not filled with Confidence though, odd because i normally fanatically agree with Moffats genius writing all the time.) Im Omitting them because as the above shows, i have lots to say, and its all been said on other, wittier blogs, more popular Whovians, ect. No matter my trepidation, i love The Doctor.

So, thats it for now-
You are all wonderfully beautifully amazing. Top notch.


"seriously its 2013" is probably my favorite way to round out an argument. why don’t we have pet dragons yet. seriously its 2013. where is my jetpack. seriously its 2013. why do we still deny basic human rights to a huge percentage of humanity based on some arbitrary system of exclusionary rules developed and preserved by gross old hetero white men the world over. seriously its 2013

Word. America the Brave still fears what we dont know, and we parapharse a book written over several hundred years ago, i dont know….
Seriously its 2013.

Look! A Blog!

As November closes, taking with it the anniversary of my birth and NaNoWriMo, I did all i could to extend the magic. I have submitted the NanoWrimo version of Game Blood to Accelerated Wrimo, or #LetsgoWrimos put on by @Luludotcom. But now December is here, and i am hard at work on the local debate team helping them prepare for districts, the holidays looming, and family coming to visit. I am also working with Bunny, and as soon as i legally can, i will have some great news about it. Game Blood is finished, now i wait for my Book Genome Project review and wait to see if i am one of the ten chosen accelerated wrimos.
So, hope for me and the characters that are eager to meet you, im exhausted, and hitting the hay.
Rock on followers.
You rock,

Its update time!

With  my 26th birthday making its way towards me in 8 days, i am making the much promised tumblr blog update.
So: ive been volunteering at a local high school, helping out with the debate team and helping anyone who wants to do individul events like DI, HI, ect. Its been loads of fun, althought the progran does need money really badly, being a section one level school, our program has a real chance to be a game changer for the students, have them go to college and do better than whats slated for their future now. Its an ongoing learning experiance, both for me and for the studetnts. I am slowly learning to be a better role model, and when to be a teacher, when to be a friend…Im thinking i will go get my teaching cert, even just to sub for debate once in a while.

Lets see; Ah yes, For those wondering about Bunny Unedited and where it stands, the pitch is complete, and im compiling producers who may want to be involved. Im not officially searching for the talent that will be a part of the Bunny project, however, i am keeping an eye out for talent needed.

Blood Series fans: good news for you is Game Blood has completed its first round of edits! Now we do round two and three, while working on artwork. I am NOT seeking out a publisher for the Blood Series, but if you are a good editor i will consider out sourcing for this, however,  i do have some excellant help currently. For those wondering when the “New, Improved, and longer” Silver Blood, the art work is nearly done, the editing is in its last phase, and i want to release it shortly after Game Blood. I would love to have Game Blood out by christmas, but i would rather you all have a quality read in january or febuary. So….Mayhaps for my sisters birthday!

In more new news, i got my birthday present early from my parents, who are encouraging me to keep writing and teaching, and its a galaxy tablet 3, and i love it. I still havent figured out spell check and other fun things on here, but ive had it less then 24 hours, so im not doing too bad. It also came with a case and keyboard which is what i am typing on. Hopefully my spelling is close to accurate, i have no idea how to spell check.

Anyways, lots to do today, so says my tablet, and i must get to it: but i will probably be posting some shorts here later- some im working on for the interp kids.

For my NANOWrIMO friends- No, dont think you are getting off easy, even with all on my plate, i am hard at work on a totally different story all together. Insane? Verily.

But its a fun kind. Love to you all, be kind to eachother.

Alert the social media…Abbi reset her password and made an update

Hello! It’s been ages since I actually updated so I better make this one count! I’ve been very busy with a lot of projects, one of them you may have seen was the @s7vendaysageek make a movie in a week challenge which was fun mostly because I got an excuse to email and tweet with those fun awesome dudes, and of course @BarkerPodcasts , Adam Barker, who I really respect as a…well everything he does really. Anyways enough of sucking nerd dick- I have been working extremely hard on Game Blood, and I think the final version will be very enjoyable to all who like fantasy writing, and hopefully some who don’t. It has a lot of cross over lore and fun. It will be self published as that in my magical world curse words in appropriate times is okay and smoking cigarettes and weed is fine…self publishing seems better. It also makes me feel a bit like @ThatKevinSmith, another person I really admire- I always loved how hard he worked to get his stuff out there and just keep trying- make it on your own and all that.
Aside from that fun, more time has been monopolized with story boarding the TV show I’m working on. Can’t give too many details, but once I have heard from the screen writers guild that it’s official and mine, I will be posting the details like a true self publishing whore- shamelessly. Thankfully, on the social media front I have some great help, so getting information on dates will be easy.
I’ve been working endlessly on Marijuana Reform, I won’t preach on my personal Blog on it, but can happily refer you to that blog. I have been writing, just not all stuff fans or people passively Intrested in my stuff people see on twitter or my fan page.
The Facebook fan page should be getting some changes as well, as that I despise Facebook and want to delete my account my wonderful best friend Jarred, @BootsPants is taking over my fan page so I can- so let all golf clap his efforts to placate my crazy. With him in charge of Facebook, there may be more posts haha.
Tumblr should also see some more updates other then this one, I am actually working on a teaser for Game Blood for you guys, and some short stories that are mostly to keep me sane when I can’t just write one of my main projects. Obviously anything posted to my tumblr I own the rights to, but also obviously, if you want to print it anywhere or use it, just drop me a line.
I’ve been helping some area charities as well, more on that later as we are very very busy. Between vets, pets, disabled handicabable and my own family- I have been quite busy! Very excited about all the work being done but, it does take time. Thankfully, I should have the TV treatment verified soon, and some teasers for Game Blood. And some short stories.
Homework for anyone reading!
I have stories I work on but never know if I should finish it. I am proposing typing and posting a segment or so, and let you guys tell me if you want more. The Forest Girl story (working title) I think many of you will enjoy.

Other then that, I do have some legality things I’m helping with, dealing with, working with ect. Thank you all for thoughts prayers or anything positive for my grandfather, today was rough, the past week has really had his head twisted up….thanks Alzheimer’s. if you want to check out some stuff you may not know about that’s pretty groovy/ Adam Barker has this epic podcast that’s good @OddCastPodCast worth a listen.
Ludo, Zebrahead, mountain goats, and Hello Goodbye. Good bands. Worth listening to. For reading? Read anything. “In times like these one must have a well stocked library.”
I’ve been reading pride and prejudice obviously.
I think that’s all for now, hope this has been fun- if not leave your hate to yourself! Statistically you have all done something worth hating and I don’t hate any of you. So. Yeah.
Love to all/ do good be good.

Some fairly spoiler free thoughts on @s7evendaysageek #7DAGmakeamovieinaweek

Blog on make a movie in a week- thoughts gathered and put in what I hope is an enjoyable blog format-

So, there I was on twitter, like all stories seem to begin these days, and I see that @s7vendaysageek is hosting a make a movie in a week contest! Now, i am NOT a movie maker, but when I was told no females had entered, yet another “nerd thing” where girls don’t have a large presence in i had to jump in. I guess I can’t blame nerdery, or the way the system works…and I also can’t blame @FeliciaDay…girl geeks everywhere need to do our part. So, however foolishly I said yes.
Then i got an email.
And three more.
I was two weeks behind, and holey crap!! Is that Adam freakin Barker? @BarkerPodcasts !?! @InnerCityGeeks?! I am a writer, but not like a @KayKayCannon writer, just a “barely” one.
As the “in over my head” alarms started going off, I scrolled to the synopsis to see what I needed to make.
And my response was “Shit.”
A man/woman, wanted by the cops is kidnapped and forced to play out a game of truth or lies to survive the ordeal”
And I thought, in rapid fashion, all at once:
“Shit I don’t write horror”
“Shit I’ve seen too many of the “Saw” movies to do this without ripping saw off.”
“That fucker did he pick this just to make life hell?”
“How can I make it different?”
“It’s movie commentary watching time!”
I am eh on movies, but I fucking love commentary, and all the behind the scenes stuff. I’ve done theatre. Maybe it’s a start.
Pitch Perfect, my go to movie, while highly useful and informative with two commentaries, one featuring the amazing @ElizabethBanks who I believe to be a genius, someone who appreciates books, and the translation to screen. However, I don’t need to write a book.
I need to write a horror script right? But the thing is, I’ve seen just about every horror movie out there, and I love watching them. Not freakin writing em.
But script frenzy was canceled this year, and I want to push my creative muscles, so i turned on “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, which is a brillant book, brillant movie, all directed and written by someone I admire and look up to- @StephenChbosky so, I dove in.
I like a few things in it- that I wanted to use, themes I felt were important.
No one is a victim, and no one is a bad guy.
Everyone has a past.
Get the tough shot
And thanks to pitch perfect, which actually did come in handy, punctuate everything with humor.
So, I opened my journal on day one of the contest with no idea what to write, but a general idea of themes, or things that occur in it.
So, I pounded out a few pages of script that I thought sucked. Then I did some improv in the mirror, remembered back in theatre I always did better with impromptu stuff, and I should wing it.
Problem is, I have exactly 7 slots I can fill for the contest.
Three characters in script.
Only two on set.
Which led to the most multi-tasking over my head production yet. So, I had a general idea of what the characters were like, and had some rough ideas of what should be conveyed.
Our budget cap was 200 dollars. I’m well under the cap…by my count, by about 200 bucks.
However, I live on a farm.
So, we raided the garage and all the barns, borrowed some flour and red food dye, and began making a set. I won’t give too much away because we are making a commentary on it, which should be fairly high-Larious considering the movie I made.
We started shooting, and halfway through scene one, I knew how to end it…it being scene one. And that’s roughly how it went.
Poor Boots only has windows movie maker for editing, and our tech was limited…to a still camera with a video option and my iPhone. Thank goodness at least one scene has to be done on a mobile. Also thank goodness, 60% of the movie must be shot in same location. Hello! My music corner became our torture scene, the opening scene, nice and behind a desk, less then three feet away, and the final scene was directly across from the central focal point. Yup. All in one room. ONE.
Now you may be thinking, yo, Abbi, dumbass, you have 20 acres, and LOVE Friday the 13th movies.
Man fuck that. That seems like a lot of running.
No. I will run for the Doctor, (Doctor Who? ;-) ) or my life, and not much else.
So we shot alot of single shots, got alot of hard takes on first shot….which was good, since turns out the “dull” blade our Heroine is sliced up with…wasn’t so dull.
Yeah. All the blood you see in the movie? Hiding real wounds. Fake blood also stings, but mixes really well with real blood.

Commentary and pics from shooting will be posted here too, and I guess on my YouTube page- and I don’t want to give too much in case you haven’t seen it. Once you have, watch the commentary or just ask me something. I may have a legit answer for you…
You see, I took this way too seriously, and read what I can only assume is the equivalent of what film majors must read. And I watched a ton as well. Blah. Did the best I could, and, even cooler, stretched my creative muscles, and Boots got to as well! Hopefully you guys like my spin…and don’t hate my bad acting.
For the record: all slaps, punches, and slices were, while pulled a bit, still very real, hurt like hell, and horrified my grandmother. We all went to eat dinner to celebrate wrapping the filming, and I scared the waiters with my cut up chest and face.
And it was a Mexican restaurant….you would think if they serve menuedo they can handle it…whatever, food was great, pain was real and worth it, and I hope everyone likes what I came up with. If you don’t? Meh, keep your hate to yourself, writing, filming, acting, directing, all that…and improv, while chained to a chair and actually bleeding, I don’t need your hate. No one does. Watch the end of my movie to see how I feel about the haters, bully’s, and assholes.

So; as you watch it this upcoming weekend on I believe @PodGods page, remember: Still Cam, iPhone, windows movie maker. One location. Zero money. Zero experience….and don’t hate.